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About Us


The project

Trade Routes aspire to be a new kind of product, thought from the very beginning to be used in many, very different ways.

Trade Routes are mostly a literary project, but this represents only the top of the iceberg. They are structured in order to be transformed into a comics, a videogame, a board game and many other things.

Potential applications and, consequently, potential markets are virtually limitless. The only thing that can limit us is our own fantasy.

The team

Bruno Codan


Bruno Codan

He creates Trade Routes and he is the one to blame for all their intricacies. He is an IT professional for more than twenty years and quite keen on science fiction.

Silvana Schiliro'


Silvana Schiliro'

She loves travels and be curious about the world. Her job in the Trade Routes team is about recruiting professionals and, once in a while, customizing images for the website.

Deborah Kean


Deborah Kean

She is a fan and the translator. Translation is a collaborative task, which is very enjoyable. She is also a teacher of English as a second or other language, and of adult literacy to people with disabilities.

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