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Era of Explorations (431 - 1137 after Shii)

"Where have the Starships gone? Are all being destroyed? Does the Uniformity still exist?"

The first missions left Holographica in order to find an answer to these questions. Not an easy feat, because at the time the interstellar traffic consisted only of solar sail cargoes, very fast but small and fragile. The first expeditions traveled as payload, using the solar cargoes to move from star to star and tried to find what happened to the Trade Fleet.

Holographica habitat hull was a mix of shield fields and carbofiber

Cold War (1138 - 1290 a.S.)

In 1106 a.S. the AP-E Talav was attacked by a giant solar sail that proceeded at relativistic speeds off Na Sindari. Holographica met the Akritai.

The century and a half that elapsed between the first contact with the Akritai and the outbreak of the Wars was employed by Holographica to create a war machine that was worthy of the name while delaying Akritai advance by all means.

Shii in Enarese meant elegance in knowledge

Enarese was the language of the Shii culture of Holographica.

Unification Wars (1291 - 1689 a.S.)

Almost four centuries after the beginning of the Wars, Holographica was directly attacked. It was a sudden attack, made with the express purpose of destroying Holographica and not to conquer it.

"Never refuse a nuclear device. Never."

Navigator officer during Wars of Unification.

Aesthete of Tagma of matter

Tagmas were the different schools within the Shii movement. There were five of them.

Surgical mecha

Mecha were used everywhere by Holographica, even in hospitals. Automatic surgeons were more control centers for nanoworkers than real surgeons with scalpels and blades.

Surveillance drone

These drones were the first line of defense at the beginning of Unification Was, even though they were never intended to wage war.

Black hole powered generator

Exotic power supply device based on the energy released by a stream of matter falling in a black hole.

Simulation engine

Virtual reality device. It was able to simulate entire civilizations and to store digitalized personalities.

Vrian Nazeer Rald

Founder of the movement later known as Shii. He was a scientist who believed laws of physics have an aesthetic value by themselves. When the movement took place, he called himself The Unmoved Mover.